Welcome to the County Training Institute of Washington


Show commitment to your county and community; strengthen your professionalism and competency as a leader by participating in the Certified Public Official program.

Goals of the CPO Program
  • To provide education and professional development opportunities.
  • To offer tools to enhance the leadership and decision-making ability of elected and appointed county officials.
  • To increase the skills of community leaders to build collaborative relationships and strengthen citizen participation in local government.
  • To assist county government associations in meeting the professional development and training needs of their members.
  • To maximize the limited education/training dollars available to staff in 39 Washington counties.
  • To utilize the ability and resources of the land grant university to bring effective educational programs to county government.

The CPO curriculum and course design is built based upon continuous needs assessment, course feedback, and input of the peer curriculum committee.

Participation in this program allows county officials to organize their professional development around critical skills necessary to achieve excellence in their organizations. Many of the workshops are offered in conjunction with regional association conferences or affiliate meetings.